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ASPA based in the prestigious film city of New Delhi NCR, provides the perfect training ground for the perseverant and the gifted passionate few. We have always believed that a film school should take a holistic and realistic approach in its teaching. By holistic we mean that film school training should not be limited to only classrooms and lectures on theories and techniques. Therefore, at ASPA we have adopted a comprehensive training method with equal importance on the practical training.

Every year we at the Asian School Of Performing Arts (ASPA) carefully select a group of students to create a new class of talent. Those selected get the opportunity to experience the most demanding, comprehensive and rewarding training required for today's industry. The creative development at ASPA involves an impetus on out-of the-box, practical learning. There is also a smooth co-option of traditional means by the faculty which involves imparting skill to the student, through theories and techniques.

We look forward to helping you develop a satisfying and exciting career in various amazing professions pertaining to media arts.

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