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Acting & Presentation ( 3 Month Program )  
It is the actor who brings the screen to life. The audience is drawn by the actors on the screen and expect them to give believable and moving performance. The students of this course are trained in the skills for verbal and non-verbal communication. The training lays stress on developing the individual's sensibility as a person, sensitising his imagination, creating a keen sense of observation, refining his critical appreciation and on his development as an individual unique in his artistic potential. The students of Acting & Presentation are helped to learn to observe, absorb, and imaginatively create and project a character.

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Acting For Film & TV ( 1 Year Program )  
The modern actor is the product of an acting school!
The success of a film or television presentation depends largely on the work of the actor and it is through his work that he brings life to the screen. The objective of acting is to create something believable, humane and to make the audience think while they are being amused, moved, enlightened, informed or scared out of their wits. The actors have to try to find a way of conveying thoughts and experience of their character and to do this, they have to use a number of techniques and several skills that enables them to convey their understanding of a character and allows a great variety of expressiveness. These techniques and skills include among many others,
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