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The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute is the only school in the world that offers the training of Lee Strasberg's Method acting in its pure form. Founded m 1969 by Lee Strasberg, teacher and artistic director of the famed Actors Studio, the Institute has built its outstanding reputation on the proven value of Lee Strasberg's teachings, the astonishing achievements of our students and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Three generations of American actors—from Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro to Alec Baldwin and Angelina Jolie—have studied Lee Strasberg's Method Acting and emerged as major talents. Located in the heart of New York City, The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute offers students a comprehensive theatre education. The Institute's classes challenge the actor to work on his/herself as a creative artist and, at the same time, work on the role - to leave behind conventional and cliched expressions and find his/her own unique voice. At Strasberg students are taught to invoke their own sense of truth in every role and stress the ways in which personal experience can fire the imagination.

LEE STRASBERG Legendary Actor

An exciting, innovative school for students with a passion for the creative and performing arts was launched recently, called The Asian School of Performing Arts or commonly known as ASPA. It is also one of the units of Asian Academy of Film and Television. ASPA is open to students of artistic ability, dedicated to nurturing talent and encouraging the highest quality in performance and academic excellence. The school is a boutique institution, designed specifically to meet the needs of young people who, desire to focus on Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts. While there is a focus on the performing and creative arts, there is also emphasis on academic excellence.Located within the Marwah Studios Complex, ASPA unit includes computer room, recording studio, dance studio, rehearsal and in-house performance space, along with multiple practice and recital rooms. ASPA is an ideal institution through which the students could build a network of contacts in the creative arts. We bring to you the working professionals with the energy and vision to make projects happen. We regularly invite producers, directors, writers, filmmakers and performers to share their stories with the students, balancing inspiration with the awareness of the perspiration it takes to forge a career m the arts.

Marwah Studios Enterprise

The Asian School of Performing Arts seeks to bring together young people of creative ability and provide inspirational tuition and the finest instruction in a trusting and encouraging atmosphere. ASPA strives to offer an art rich and rigorous academic education in an international environment that fosters excellence in performance and creativity. Our main aim and objective is to deliver the highest caliber of artistic education for gifted musicians, dancers, and actors from around the world, so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artistes, leaders, and global citizens.

Moreover, at ASPA we organize visiting artistes and performers to complement our exemplary permanent staff to enrich the program with master classes and allow students to play and act and exhibit their work in company with those already contributing to Indian and international performing arts practice. We at ASPA will continue to elevate its educational and artistic standards, but concurrently remaining responsive to changing conditions in the worldwide performing arts community. We take and will continue to take an active role in shaping the future of the performing arts by providing exceptional arts education programs to the community and en^fturag:ng its students to serve as advocates for the arts in the society.