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From The Presidents Desk

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  Asian School Of Performing Arts has grown as one of the finest institutions not only   in   India but also abroad. The 16 year period since our inception (in 1993) has been a   great learning phase. The academy has evolved from strength, meeting the challenges   of new millennium and further empowering our education and practical training   programmes in order to make them more responsive to the market realities. The trials   and tribulations involved in ensuring that our young students make a niche for   themselves in the art and craft of film-making and various technical domains is a very   rewarding experience.


  We are indeed indebted to them and all our august faculty members, visiting professors   and members of the cinematic and TV industry for their keen interest and support to   our students. A special thanks to our large international faculty for the regular    knowledge-exchange.


Authentic fame and popularity always travel by the word of mouth and in our case this has spread to overseas also. This makes us ecstatic, though very humble. The our sprawling campus has an international milieu and flavour. So far, students from over 70 countries have enrolled on our training programmes at some stage or the other, a large percentage being from Europe, Middle East, Far East and the pacific Rim regions, and not to forget those from our neighbouring countries.


The academy offers the most cost-effective education in the world. The campus houses International Film & Television Research Centre (IFTRC), which is part of the academy. Top Indian and International experts, manning the research centre, share their knowledge with the students on a regular basis.


ASPA's high professional standards have come in for praise from all walks of life. Best of the organisations and institutions in the country have bestowed awards to ASPA in appreciation of its high professional standards of nearly 7000 students who have so far passed various courses, more than 80% of them are working in the field of film-making, media, TV channels or allied fields. ASPA is the only institution in the country where a professional film production house is associated with it. Many students have been absorbed in-house and a number of programmes is being produced for different TV channels.


We welcome all our new students and hope to share good time together in serious learning of the art and intricacies of film-making and associated technologies.