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What Industry Says

It is for the first time we could plan a festival of Peru films on the National Day. It was only possible with professional caliber and proficiency of ASPAians.
Carlos A. Irigyon Ambassador of Peru.
The infrastructure provided to the students of ASPA is inviting and adds to the quality education.
Pankaj Parashar Renowned Director & Writer
Not only my chief assistant Gurmeet Singh but other assistants were also from ASPA in my Film Gandhi. I admire their passion and knowledge of films.
Feroz Abbas Khan Director, Gandhi, My father
The Two prominent institutions ASPA & National School of Drama together can bring revolution in the field of Acting.
Devender Raj Ankur Director, NSD
Thanks to ESPN Programme , I could see Marwah studios , the promoters of Filmcity.
M.S Dhoni
Famous Cricketer
ASPA is the gateway to Bollywood. Not only students but even I can also plan my entry through this Professional film institute.
Dorthea Nurnberg
Famous Writer
I am pleased to see the standard of ASPA students. I would love to be here for the workshop with the students again.
Catherine Ann Jones
Award Winning writer & Playwright
What a Professional ambience! I feel like making a feature film in association with Marwah Studios.
Dr. Raman K. Singh
Famous Writer
I am fascinated to see the training facilities of ASPA during my state visit to India and I am confident that our staff from B.B.S, if trained at ASPA,will come out as best technicians.
- Pema Choden: Managing Director
Bhutan Broadcasting Services
I am proud to be associated with International Film & television Club of Asian academy of Film & Television as a Brand Ambassador of Festival Of Cell Phone Cinema.
- Nitu Chandra: Cinema Star,Mumbai
My visit to ASPA & ASMS encouraged me to write a book on Media and Cell Phone Cinema.
-Karl Bardosh: Producer/Director/Writer
Tisch School of Arts,USA
Learn The skills for screen presentation at a film school like ASPA before embarking on the production of films and tv programmes.
- Muzaffar Ali: Film Maker
The focussed training imparted at ASPA has made this institution stand out amongst the film schools in India.
- Dr A.K Rastogi: President Avishkar Group of Cable TV Operator
AFT is solving the basic problem of filmmakers finding trained and dedicated professionals.
- Rajeev Shukla: Chairman Bag Films
It is noteworthy that training at ASPA is keeping pace with the technological developments.
- Prof Robert Stewart: Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE ,Australia
t is heartening to find the faculty of ASPA realizes that films could be used as a vehicle for propagating Indian Cultural heritage across the globe.
- Jiten Hazarika: Noted Artist
AFT's approach to the training of filmmakers leaves nothing to be desired.
- Prof Karl Bardosh Tisch: School of Arts ,New York University .
Film schools like ASPA is the need of the hour.
- Allan King: SKY TV UK
The twenty first century is the golden era of Indian film indsutry and ASPA has emerged as a major player in it.
- P.K Nair: Former Director National Film Archive of India
I am pleased to find that ASPA alumni are now associated with almost all film production houses and units in India.
- Shilpa Shetty: Film Actress
I am happy to know that ASPA students are making use of the infrastruture of Noida Film City.
- Neha Dhupia: Film Actress
Only good film schools like ASPA can survive in highly competitive environment of the twenty first century.
- LN Goel: Director ZEE News
Excellent training in cinematography available at ASPA will produce many Radhu karmakars and Jal Mistrys.
- Adeeb Tandon: Cinematographer
It is high time ASPA conduct training on Sound Recording Techniques and prepare radio jockeys.
- Jawahar Wattal: Music Director
ASPA has great future bacause its training is laced with great Indian tradition of 'gurukul' .
- Bhishm Narain Singh: Vetaran Ghandian and Statesman
Acting is much more than making use of the voice and flexing the body.ASPA has indeed developed unique curriculum for the training of actors.
- Kamal Hassan: Film Writer/Director/Actor
Film schools like ASPA are the nurseries of the actor.
- Bobby Deol: Film Actor
It is a pleasant surprise to know that ASPA is associated with the famous Marwah studios.
-Jag Mohan Mundhra: Film Producer/Director
rubyq.jpg (10323 bytes) It is a pleasure to do my work at Marwah Studios.I feel perfectly at home at ASPA .
- Ruby Bhatia: Golden girl of Indian television
Prof Snadeep Marwah would have by now become Union Minister had he stayed on in politics.He is a great achiever ..
- K.M. Hooda; Former youth congress leader and state minister
midiq.jpg (12858 bytes) Prof Sandeep Marwah deserves degree in management for his deep study and knowledge of film & television production .
- Dr H.K. Singh Management Guru
It would be my proud privilege to recommend ASPA not only to the people of Uganda but to all other Africans .
- H.E. Joseph Tomusange Diplomat
ASPA is entitled to national award for achieving in eight years what similar training centres could not achieve in thirty eight years . - Anil Kapoor: Film Star
I feel like joining Asian Academy of Film & Television to bring out the artiste within me.
- Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Hon’ble Minister of State for Information of Broadcasting in Govt. of India
Prof. Sandeep Marwah waited long enough to associate me with Asian Academy of Film & Television till he was convinced that I really know filmmaking.
- Subhash Ghai: Film Director
Asian Academy of Film & Television understands the training needs of an actor and the academy has perfected techniques of training them.
- Anil Kapoor: Film Star
I am fully satisfied with the performance of Asian Academy of Film & TV’s students in my film ‘Sirf Tum’
- Boney Kapoor: Film Producer
Film & Television training is both difficult and costly. Hats off to the Board of Governors and the Management of ASPA for meeting the challenge of providing cost effective film & television training.
- Surinder Kapoor: President, Indian Motion Picture Producer’s Guid
Asian Academy of Film Producer & Television has done pioneering work of providing much needed trained professionals to the Film & Television Industry.
- Satish Kaushik: Film Actor and Director
The training infrastructure at Asian Academy of Film & Television together with the proper environment of Film City is an unique combination for conducting film & television training.
- Pradeep Sharma: Film Producer
An institution is known by its faculty. Asian Academy of Film & Television’s outstanding faculty is indeed their strength.
- Bijon Das Gupta: Art Director
I am happy to see for myself the how Asian Academy of film & Television is organised and I am greatly honoured to join the select ASPA’s Academy Award winners.
- Gila Almagor: Israeli Film Actress and Director
I am proud to be the associated with Asian Academy of Film & Television.
- Shovana Narain: Kathak Exponent
Asian Academy has indeed made notable contribution to the Indian Film & Television industry.
- Sridevi: Film Star
The members of staff of Sudan Television trained at Asian Academy of Film & Television will be its representative of Asian Academy of Film & Television in the Republic of the Sudan
- H.E. Hafiz Abdel Rehman Omer: Charged the affairs – Embassy of sudan in India.
Asian Academy of Film & Television is growing from strength to strength because the of its clear objectives and excellent training management.
- Jagat Murari: Former Principal, Film & TV Institute of India
I am happy to note that Asian Academy of Film & Television is imparting training following the time tested philosophy of ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’.
- Narayan Dutt Tiwari: Former Minister for External Affairs, Govt. of India
ompuriq.jpg (7008 bytes) ASPA Ke Peechey Kya Hai – the hardwork, dedication, sincerely and passion for film making of Sandeep Marwah & his team.
(Om Puri : Popular Film Actor)
radhaq.jpg (7536 bytes) Learning fine arts is a ‘Sadhana’ and calls for total dedication.
(Padmashree Raja Radha Reddy : Renowned dancer)

ASPA is much better than Poona Film Institute.
(Sawan Kumar Tak : Film Producer/Director)

The clean and green environment of Noida Film-city is truly invigorating. I am really impressed by the activities of ASPA.
(Dev Anand : Evergreen Superstar and Film-maker)
What ASPA has done in six years, no other institution could do in the history of film making.
(Viney Shukla : Film-writer)
vpq.gif (1906 bytes) I am happy to know that a group of people are working for a national cause without government support.
(Mr. V. P. Singh : Former Prime Minsiter of India)
ASPA is the Ganga sagar of Film Trade in India; they are the supplier of talent to the industry.
(Subhash Sagar – Film Producer)
Most film professionals would shudder to even think of attempting what Prof. Sandeep Marwah is actually doing at ASPA.
- Aziz Burney, Senior Journalist.
ASPA has come to the rescue of the film & television industries by providing much needed trained professionals .
- Ashok Tyagi, Film Director.
Imparting training for film & television production is indeed a kind of social service.
- Syed Shahnawaz Khan, Union Minister.
I am happy to note that ASPA believes that one of the desirable qualities of a film and television director is his own ability to act.
- Sita Raina, Noted Stage Artist.
ASPA’S success has proved that proper administration is necessary even for the functioning of film schools
- Bhaskar Ghose, Former Information & Broadcasting Secretary.
Systematic training is necessary for channelising the creativity of film & television professionals and I am quite satisfied with the performance of ASPA’s past students working with Sahara TV.
- Raja Chauhan Technical Director, Sahara TV.
ASPA is absolutely right in treating television as a journalistic medium
- Manoj Raghuwanshi, Freelance Journalist.
ASPA is indeed imparting industry focused film and television training
- Vashu Bhagnani, Film Producer.
I am pleased to know that ASPA has earned an international reputation for excellence in media education and training
- Gennady Zhizhin, Russian Diplomat.
ASPA is really world’s film school number one
- Junior Mahmood
ASPA has proved to the world that Indians are second to none even in the field of film & television training
- Dr. B. Satyanarayan Reddy, former Governer.
My journey to the screen began from Marwah Studios and ASPA complex
- R. Madhavan, Film & Television Actor